[ Who We Are ]

The Michał Boym Institute for Asian and Global Studies

The Boym Institute is an independent think tank that brings together experts on issues such as politics, economy and innovation in developing countries, especially contemporary Asia. Our mission is to draw the attention of the Polish public opinion, as well as political and business leaders to the changes that are taking place in the most populous and most dynamically developing continent of the world. We carry out that mission by publishing reports, analyses and experts’ comments, organising events such as discussion panels and conferences, publishing articles in the media, as well as other activities.

We aim to to be an active participant in the public debate on global changes. We are creating a platform that brings together analysts, academics, diplomats and entrepreneurs.

The Institute supports Polish business in raising their awareness of the changing realities of global trade. Our experts offer services such as business and legal consulting, simultaneous interpreting and translating of documents from Middle Eastern and Asian languages, as well as training on doing business in developing countries, especially those in Asia.

The Boym Institute is financed by donor contributions, as well as by private and public grants. We strive to ensure that the content we publish is created in a spirit of tolerance for foreign cultures, religions and customs.

We look forward to collaborating with everyone who shares the values of Michał Boym ​​- openness, courage and innovative thinking.