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Jerzy Czajewski

Jerzy Czajewski Civil engineer by profession, freelance writer of articles on Polish historical cartography and fortifications of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Z Dziejów Kartografii T. XIV; Polski Przegląd Kartograficzny; Inżynier Budownictwa; www.fortifiedplaces.com ), on turbulent time of reign of Polish Vasa dynasty (Pro Memoria; Spotkania z Zabytkami; Focus Historia; Край Смоленский, Kronika Zamkowa. Roczniki) and on history of Polish diaspora in China (extensive foreword to the exhibition’s album Poles in Manchuria 1897-1949, Szczecin 2015; StuDeo Studienwerk Deutsches Leben in Ostasien e.V ; 雑誌『セーヴェル(Север); Foreigners in China Magazine)

Author's latest articles:

Roman Catholic cemetery in Harbin (1903-1958)

First burials of Catholics, mostly Poles but also other Non-Orthodox believers took place in future Harbin in the so called small „old” or later Pokrovskoe Orthodox cemetery in the future European New Town quarter and small graveyards at the military and civilian hospitals of Chinese Eastern Railway at the turn of XIX and XX century.