The North Korean nuclear dismantlement and the management of its nuclear wastes

Government entities from all of the six-party countries need to consider the technical implications of any forthcoming political agreement and should be interested in the result of this study. As of now, the DPRK nuclear programme consists of a large WMD infrastructure which represent some kind of dangers on an internal scale (the DPRK) and external (countries bordering with the DPRK).

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Instytut Boyma 29.04.2019

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Nicolas Levi

Analyst on North and South Korea. He is an assistant professor at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of 7 books, more than 20 academic articles, and over 50 analytical reports on the Korean Peninsula, Poland, and related issues. He conducts lectures at top universities in Poland and abroad.

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To free oneself from the Chinese embrace. On Indo-Russian relations with Nandan Unnikrishnan

"The Russians do not want to be enslaved by anybody; they want to be an independent power, as India does. Russia has not yet reached the point when she is a vassal state of China. Not yet. India would like to be an alternative. India would like to provide that little bit of strategic space it can provide for Russia vis-à-vis China." says Nandan Unnikrishnan, research fellow at the Observer Research Foundation in Delhi.