TSRG 2021

TSRG 2021: The Impacts of the BRI on Europe: The Case of Poland and Germany

It is important to contribute to the understanding of what the New Silk Road can mean in economic, political, leadership and cultural terms for the European countries involved. This analysis should reveal the practical consequences of the Belt and Road Initiative for Europe in the case of Poland and Germany, as well as their respective social effects.

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Instytut Boyma 30.03.2021


Transcultural Student Research Group 2021


The Impacts of the BRI on Europe: The Case of Poland and Germany in cooperation with The Boym Institute


Looking for a topic for your Humboldt, Elinor Ostrom, Bachelor or Master Thesis?

Interested in thinking about “The Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative in Europe”?

Keen on cooperation with international peers?

Motivated to become part of the LEIZ’ project “Transcultural Caravan” and to join an interdisciplinary research group?

Can’t wait to publish your first chapter in a scientific book?

If you answered at least two of these questions with “yes”, we look forward to receiving your application! For further information on the application process, please see the corresponding section in this document.


Transcultural Student Research Group | TSRG 2021

The Impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative on Europe: The Case of Poland and Germany

As an ambitious project, the Belt and Road Initiative creates global value chains in a network that connects Europe, Asia, and Africa and that is characterised by diversity in languages, traditions, values, as well as political, social, and economic systems and settings. As one of the most fascinating and risky developments driving the formation of a global society, this initiative represents a global economic, political, social, and cultural experiment with potentially beneficial but also potentially disruptive consequences for all involved.
Against this background, it is important to contribute to the understanding of what the New Silk Road can mean in economic, political, leadership and cultural terms for the European countries involved. This analysis should reveal the practical consequences of the Belt and Road Initiative for Europe in the case of Poland and Germany, as well as their respective social effects.

The following topics are possible for the sub-research projects:

  • Economic impacts: international economy, business, logistic & transportation, innovation & technology, the impacts of COVID-19, international trade and investment, global value chains, value creation networks. ​
  • Socio-cultural impacts: transculturality, gender equality, arts, academia, media & communication, civil society organizations. ​
  • Political impacts: geopolitical impacts, bilateral relations vs. multilateral relations, 17+1, EU policy, para-diplomacy.​
  • Leadership: relational leadership, transcultural leadership, cross-sectoral leadership, organization and management culture.



Starting in May, all TSRG 2021 participants will conceptually develop specific research questions that correlate both with their disciplinary background and with the TSRG 2021 overall research topic, together with experts at LEIZ and The Michał Boym Institute for Asian and Global Studies, as well as individual supervisors (ZU professors).  Subsequently, the students will work on these questions together with students from Poland in an academic co-authoring process.
Accordingly, the group consists of several such pairs, who apply the common questions to their respective case studies and disciplines and exchange on their experiences and findings within the group. The case study research includes interviews and field research realized in the pairs and in cooperation with local universities and cooperation partners.

First results of the studies may be presented during the Transcultural Winter School 2021. After having submitted their individual Humboldt, Elinor Ostrom, Bachelor or Master theses, a joint book from all involved students will be published in the “Transcultural Management Series” at Metropolis Publisher.



Interested Polish students from all study programs are welcome and can apply for the TRSG until April 12,2021. To apply for the TRSG 2021, please send an email with your CV and Cover Letter to the Head of the Michał Boym Institute for Asian and Global Studies Patrycja Pendrakowska (ppendrakowska@instytutboyma.org). Please take into consideration that for working on this research project you should reserve around 10 hours per week and be able to take part in research trips to Germany and Poland. We welcome Bachelor and Master students, as well as PhD Candidates.



Jessica Geraldo Schwengber
Research fellow at “Transcultural Competences“ Research Group, Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan
Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ
Phone +49 7541 6009 2265
Fax +49 7541 6009 1299


Dr Julika Baumann Montecinos
Head of Research Group “Transcultural Competences”, Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan
Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ
Phone +49 7541 6009 2264
Fax +49 7541 6009 1299


Prof Dr Josef Wieland, Vice President (Research)
Director Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ
Chair of Institutional Economics, Organisational Governance, Integrity Management and Transcultural Leadership
Phone +49 7541 6009 2261
Fax +49 7541 6009 1299


Katharina Hahn
Project coordinator




Patrycja Pendrakowska
Head of the Boym Institute




Paweł Behrendt
Member of the Board at the Boym Institute




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China’s Social Credit System – How will it affect Polish enterprises in China?

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